The Neoist Society is a subsidiary of the International Post-Dogmatist Group


Neoism started in Canada in the 1970s. It was named after the character Monty Cantsin, who appeared in the comic strip “The Adventures of Tintin” by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. He was a fictional character based on the real life Canadian journalist Robert Bruce MacDonald. Neoism was named after him.


Neoist is an art movement started in Canada in 1979. It was created by Istvan Kantor and David Zack. Their art style was based on pop culture.

Neoism is an international subculture which puts itself into simultaneous continuity and disconsinity with, among others, art, politics, religion, science fiction, punk, free spirit, mail art, language poetry, gay, lesbian, and alternative lifestyles. Neoism also gathers people with backgrounds in graffiti and performance art, language writing, and the early Church of the subgenius. Neoism then gradually transforms from an active subculture to a self-written urban myth. As a side effect many other subcultures and artistic and political groups since 1989 have often vaguely referred to, or even opposed Neoism, and thus perpetuated its myth.

Neoism was a group of artists who were very influential in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their work included music, video art, performance art, sculpture, installation, and photography. This project was created by a group of people who wanted to create something new and different. They used many different styles and techniques to make this piece.


The open popstar Monty Cantsin was born in Montreal, Quebec, and he died there in 2004. He lived in New York City from 1978 until 1983, then moved back to Montreal. In 1987, he returned to New York City. He died in Baltimore, Maryland in 2004.

Neoists are people who think about how to confuse others. They use radical play to do this. This includes using fake names and identities, and making up stories. They also write books and articles to make others confused.

Neoism was a group of anarchists who used performance art, small press publications, and computers to spread information about anarchism. Their goal was to create a global network of people who were interested in anarchism.


Neoism is a term used to describe an artistic movement that began in the early 1970s. It is centered around the idea of the open pop star or multiple persona. This person uses various identities to interact with people online.

Neoists refer to their strategies by calling them “the great confusion” or “radical play”. They’re played out in semi-private apartment parties which take place in North America, Australia, and Europe. These parties involve people who dress up in costumes and wear masks. People dance around and drink alcohol while listening to music. During these parties, people often get naked and do things that aren’t appropriate. This party is called “Apartment Festival”, and it takes place in apartments instead of clubs.

Influences on other artists and subcultures

Neoists are artists who participate in the Neoist Apartment Festival. Their works are often mistaken for Neoism proper. Some Neoists also use plagiarism and pranks. Neoists are known for their anti-commercialism, and many of them are also involved in the Plagiarism campaign.

Neoism is a term used by the band Brilliant Red Lights to describe the current state of technology. It is a culture that creates an illusion of reality.

Selected books

A Neoist research project was published in 2010 by the Neoist society. This book includes an introduction, definitions, essays, interviews, graphics, and more.

ISBNs are numbers used to identify books. This book features a manifesto written by Tony Stark. He calls himself a neo-fascist. He says he wants to create a new world order. He also comments about other people. He talks about how he hates communists. He says that he doesn’t want to be controlled by them. He says that he wants to control everyone else. He says that he hates liberals. He says that he thinks that they are weak. He says that he loves America. He says that he believes in freedom. He says that he is an American patriot. He says that he does not believe in democracy. He says that he supports capitalism. He says that he likes guns. He says that he owns a lot

Selected Books

Neoists are people who believe in the power of words. They use them to change the world around them. They believe that words can be used to create new realities. Neoists believe that words can help us understand our reality and make changes in it. Neoists believe that we should use words to create new ideas and ways of thinking about things. Neoists believe that if you use words correctly then you can change your life. Neoists believe that there are many different types of words. Some words are positive, some are negative, some are neutral, some are very powerful, some are weak, some are strong, some are hard, some are soft, some are fast, some are slow, some are loud, some are quiet, some are sharp, some

This book includes a Neoist Manifesto written by Tony Touchon, as well as commentaries by Monte Cansin and Karen Eliot.

The Neoist ManifestosThe Art Strike Papers Paperback – July

Stewart Home is an artist who uses outrageous means to express himself. He is also a writer who uses outrageous means to get attention. He is the leader of the Neoists. He is known for using plagiarism. This book includes articles about him, poems by him, and manifestos by him.

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The Neoist Manifesto – Documents of Neoism – The Neoist Society

The Neoist Society presents this document of Neoism for the world hungry for a new revolution. This unusual – trans-lingual – edition is an abstraction manifesto that allows the neoists practitioner to interpret it in whatever way he can. Literally any neoist from anywhere or anytime can understand it’s pure visual message. A neoist classic.

Each image is like a zeno koan accompanied by a cryptically-written comment from Monty Cantin and Karen Eliot. This book makes a great gift for all your friends or enemies! First edition from Ontological Museum Publications. Buy here!

The Sense of Neoism?

A machine that generates random words.

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“The Sense of Neoism? An Infinite Manifesto” is an attempt to transfer the spirit of Neoism? into a machine that can indefinitely generate blurbs reflexions motos and nonsense

Underlying the system is an Artificial Neural Network Machine Learning Algorithm with hundreds of thousands of Synapses that was fed thousands pages of Neoist Propaganda, including The Book of Neoism?, The Poetical Plunderer of Neoism?, and Reclaiming the Bodiesmachine, allowing it to Build its Own Understandings of Neoism?. - Sofian Audrv was Inspired by the Pioneer Canadian Artist : “

Manifestos A Manifesto

The 10 traits of effective public statements include: stay up all night, my friend and I… The first paragraph is the introduction to the manifesto. The second paragraph is the introduction to this article.

Manifestos are written by people who want to change things. They’re usually about politics or social issues. They’re usually short, but sometimes long. They’re usually very specific, but sometimes vague. They’re usually serious, but sometimes funny.

A manifesto should be short and concise. It should contain a list of numbered tenets, and it should convey a sense of urgency and directness. Click-bait top 10s are very similar to manifestos because they’re both meant to be read quickly.

A manifesto exists to challenge and provoke. Manifestos are written by people who want to change things. Manifestos demand the impossible. Manifestos are dangerous and unpredictable. Manifestos are written to be read aloud. Manifestos are written about revolution. Manifestos are written for fun. Manifestos are written because they are exciting. Manifestos are written when you are bored. Manifestos are written after a long day. Manifestos are written during a boring class. Manifestos are written as homework assignments. Manifestos are written while waiting for something else to happen. Manifestos are written in your diary. Manifestos are written on the back of envelopes. Manifestos are written inside books. Manifestos are written before bedtime. Manifestos are written at work. Manifestos are written with a pen or pencil. Manifestos are written using a computer. Manifestos are written over lunch. Manifestos are written under pressure. Manifestos are written without thinking. Manifestos are written out loud. Manifestos are written down. Manifestos are written up. Manifestos are written backwards. Manifestos are written upside down. Manifestos are not written. Manifestos are written.

There is no such thing as bad publicity. This is a common saying among people today.

A manifesto is an official statement or declaration made by a group or individual. In this case, the author states that he wants to be an outlaw. He also says that he doesn’t want to follow any rules.

Perhaps it caught your eye as an advertisement, nailed to a tree. Published in a “now you see it now you don’t” magazine or news sheet. It could have been chanted at a wedding service, circulated as trading cards, posted on a menu, read on a website. It may even have zipped by your head while wrapped around a brick.

The BAMN anthology provides great examples from the heady ’60s, including the “Outlaws of Amerika” trading card series. Created during the 1968 Democratic National Convention depicting various members of the Black Panther Party and “200,000 pot smokers,” the cards were designed for the 1968 Democratic National Conventions. A manifesto allegedly written by Salvador Dali was found behind the barricades in Paris.

The manifesto is experiencing a rebirth today. With the proliferation of internet in the past decade, it has expanded into every corner. It has also been co-opted by businesses as a business friendly genre. It has lately become tame, even cute. An untroubled, unironic, full digested meme for the Attention Deficient.

There are many different types of people who write manifestos. Some of them are crazy. Others are extremely intelligent. Manifestos are advertisements. People who write long manifestos are trying to convince others about their ideas. Sometimes, these ideas are bad. Other times, they’re good. But if you read a lot of manifestos, you’ll notice that they’re usually boring.

Better than anything else is something like this: A Short Manifesto (1964) by the German artist Stanley Brouwn, who was born in 1932. He died in 1998. This short text is about the future, in 4200 years. There will be no music, theatre, art or sculpture. There will be sound, colour, light, space, time and movement.

When I first encountered the manifesto, I was lucky enough to encounter it as a living thing. My professor was a charismatic Romanian woman in the 40s who also happened be a Neoist performance art and manifesto writer. Her class traced the radical avant garde that descended from Futuristicism through Vorticism to Dada and Surrealist movements to Situationist and Post Punk movements like Neoism.

This is a very interesting story about how a group of people who were once considered crazy started to become more accepted as part of society. They also talk about how they feel about their new status.

Performance is part of the manifesto’s materiality, its existence as an object in the world. Marinettis makes art into a kind of punch and Judy show, full with pantomime fisticuff and bold, simple storylines: Destroy the past, adopt the future. From Dadas manifestos in the Cabarete Voltaire in 1916 to Lars Von Triers scattering of red leaflets printed wtih his “Vow Of Chastity” onto the audience at a Paris Cinema Conference on the future of film, the manifesto manifestus, “struc ted by hand” has alway s been about striking gestures.

Manifestos are fiction dressed up as facts. Particularly in the preambles, manifestos are a type of storytelling. The two famous manifesto templates, “The Communist Manifesto” and “The Founding And Manifesto Of Futurism,’ begin as stories. The communist manifesto begins with a ghost story (a specter is haunting Europe). The futurist manifesto starts with an account of how the manifesto was created (blackening reams of papers with our frenzied writing). The futurist movement also included a car chase (in 1910!). This ended with Marinetti crashing into the ditch and being pulled out by a group of fisherman. From that very spot the futurists proclaimed “Faces smeared with factory mucks, we shout aloud the word Futurism!�”

Manifestos are short, often humorous documents that are full of contradictions. They are written by people who want to be famous or get attention. Their ideas are usually very serious, but they are often satirical and funny. Manifestos are written by people who believe in what they say, even if they know it won’t last forever. Manifestos are written about things that are important to them, even if they’re not sure how long they’ll last.

Manifestos are short documents that describe what you believe in. They’re usually on the bleeding edge because they’re trying something new. This particular manifesto was written in 1909, but it’s still relevant today.

A manifesto is an optimistic statement about what you want to happen. In the case of Shepard Fairey, he created a poster that promised change. He said that if people voted for him, then things would be different. This poster gave people hope again because it told them that things could be better.

Manifests are repositories of a kind magic and madness that doesn’t exist in any other genre, including science fiction. Take for example the Zaum poets who were an off shoot of Russian futurism. If the Italians futurists were bold and brazen and stylish, the Russians futurists (who crossed pollinate with russian formalists like Roman Jakobsen) were mad geniuses with language. One zaum manifesto, “the trumpet of the martians” by victor klebnikov, declares as if in the voice a character from sci fi: people of earth hear this! Michael jackson wrote a manifesto, which sixty minutes discovered and aired in 2013. In 1978 mj lays out plans for his re branding and subsequent world domination (mj will be my new name). In its highest form manifestos act as a magic spell incantated by the visionary artist. They are a performative speech / act that attempt to bring a new reality intil existence. MJs most significant line is I will be magic. Manifesto writers over the last century have tried, above al to paraphrase marinetti and wilde to hurl their hopes up at the stars while lying down in the mud of modernity’s ditch

This is an ongoing series about the hidden life of ordinary things.

Synchromystic Neoism Connections

Synchromystic Neoism connections are a possible bridge to hyper-surrealist meta-discordian post-neoism conspiracies. The net and the web are the same thing. The omniquery initiative is how to save the universe. Pancreativism is about saving the world. The antientropy project is about saving the universe. The soul of a meme under memetics is about saving the universe or the world. Oscar Wilde of global liberation!

Neoism is a movement that started in 1979. It was created by Bruce Cockburn. He wrote about it in his song called “Why You Must Be Bruce”. In this song, he talks about how people should be themselves. He says that everyone needs to be himself or herself. Everyone needs to do what makes them happy. People need to stop trying to change other people. Neoism is a movement where people try to make others happy.

Neoism is a philosophy that believes in the power of ideas. Neoism is a religion that worships the idea of freedom. Neoism is a movement that wants to change the world. Neoism is a group of people who believe in the power of ideas and want to make a difference. Neoism is a philosophy and a religion that worships free thought. Neoism is a political movement that wants to change society. Neoism is a social movement that wants to improve the world. Neoism doesn’t care about money or material things. Neoism is an ideology that promotes freedom. Neoism is an anti-authoritarian movement that seeks to overthrow governments. Neoism is a revolutionary movement that wants to bring down oppressive regimes. Neoism is a new religion that worships the power of ideas.

There are many different types of surrealism. Some people think that hyper-surrealism means that there is nothing real about anything. Others believe that hyper-surrealists are trying to create something that is unreal but still believable. This post is about creating something that is both real and unreal.

Sarah Gulik – Eriusian Underground Superstar Muse, Lucretia Dalencort, a non-existing existence, open login/reality glitch hack manifesto, by DaðŲ Miners - remixed by Timoteos Pinta Aani - memetized chaos open source zine project.

Synchromystic Neoism Connections

Synchromystic neoism connections as a possible bridge to hyper surrealist meta discordian post neoisis conspiracies serena coburn thegame23 project 00a g9603 thegame23 mod 42.5 lvl 5 kstxi intergalactic discordian groucho marxist anarcho-zen party operationmindfix i wanna talk about sarah gulik lucretia dalencourt it´s always 6 oclock on galdrux forum galdruxing manifesto galdrux having no prioir cause, cannot be contained b y any other form of being galdrux is orb ed around all; possessing, b ut not p ressed, holding al l, but nowhere h elded. galdrux is omnipres ent; at t he sam e time,galdrux is not pres ent, n ot being c riminised by any thing; yet, as utterly unattached, not inhibited fr om pres ence at any po int. “

Galdrux is omnipresent. He is present everywhere, not something of him here, or something else there, nor does he gather anywhere. He is present everywhere because he is everywhere. There is an instantaneity to Galdrux’s presence. He is not in the universe. Instead, the universe is in him. Bodily substance is not a place for Galdrux. He is contained in the general intelligence, and is its container. This general intelligence is contained in another thing, but this other thing has nothing in which to contain it. Everything must be somewhere, and what could possibly be more appropriate than Galdrux?

Galdrux is neither remote from things or does it contain them. It is in Gldrux that all things depend on it, and it enables each to rise up out of itself into the fruitfulness and continuity of becoming. Don’t try to grasp this multiple single thing. If you do, your understanding of the work done by the general intellect will become confused. You must form an image of the thing to be understood standing alone, the un-held in which all have a hold; for no other such thing exists, but there must be one.

Galdrux is an entity that doesn’t change or fail. All that is unfailing finds existence in Galdrux. There is nothing you can imagine about Galdrux. Galdrux is invisible and indestructible.

The specialist who holds that his discipline is more real than spontaneous creativity of the general intelligence, will never see GALDRUX. He will never see the truth because he is blinded by his own ego.

Darko Maver is a surrealist artist who creates art by copying other artists’ work. He uses this technique because he doesn’t want to create original artwork. He wants to copy what others have created. This makes him a copycat artist.

Use your Dimensional Travel Watch

A dimensional travel watch was made of a synthetic artificial clone of Nikolai Tesla. This watch allowed the wearer to travel between infinite artificial universes. The person wearing this watch could transfer his or her own awareness of artificial and subjective reality into a holographic self aware memeplex entity.

There is an entity that was created and projected into the multiverse with the help of Tyler and secret GALDRUXIAN algorithms known as Nyarlathotep (Nyarluothotep). This entity has many forms and names, including Timoteo Pinto, Sarah Guilik, Tae Atah, Lucretia Dalencourt, and Bruce Vaing. Leave a mark 00AG963 DataPlex Network.