The All New and Improved Neoist Manifesto

Monty Cantsin's Commentary:

The recycling, editing
rearranging, reprocessing and reusing of multiplicity, of the political propaganda, corporate commercial messages and cultural
signs that are presented to us every day through the media - the new spectacular landscape that has replaced nature - is an art form that can release intuitive impulses that reconnect us with our primal origins.
We open ourselves up to the possibilities of manipulating images created for us by capital rather than being manipulated by them. Let us set these images and messages free as we are free. Let us release their internal power as ours is released.

Karen Eliot's Commentary

We are insufferably elitist looking down our noses at people so
far behind the times as to look for  intellectual meanings in a text. Read the All New and Improved Neoist Manifesto like a painting or like music!

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