The All New and Improved Neoist Manifesto

Monty Cantsin's Commentary:
In the scheme of things Neoism is insignificant. This is just one mark of its failure and its poorly supported claims of failure are numerous. Neoism does not equal all Neoists. The Neoist Manifesto is not disinformation spread by all Neoists. Most fear it even as they applaud it. None of this is simple. Neoism IS a mind-game and that might explain this whole mess perfectly without, in the least, disspellng any confusion. It is best if quoted out of context.

Karen Eliot's Commentary

If it were true that 'girls just want to have fun' then we would not waste our time on Neoists. What a bunch of loosers they are! And I am not one of them contrary to whatever that filthy Monty has to say about me. Don't bring me down today.

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