The All New and Improved Neoist Manifesto

Monty Cantsin's Commentary:

Touchon himself has a smoothly persuasive voice which can still hover deliciously on the verge of ecstatic breakthrough. We are pushed and shoved in endless directions.  It would be wrong to think or quote the expected antecedents or attempt to pre-empt criticisms.  That would seem to leave time for little else.

Karen Eliot's Commentary

The Neoists want to recycle everything. We take our fun seriously creating serious art works a thousand times more profound and obscure than any critic's commentary about them. It is not for nothing that many Neoists, including and especially artists, find it impossible as they endlessly reinvent what they are and represent. The question of audience really is not an issue. Most Neoist masters are happy to work in complete obsurity, forsaking even an affiliation with the field of Neoism.

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